August 19

Maker Scarlett Markham is actually a former Parkleigh employee! She developed her line, Flour Pail Kids while working here. We thought our customers would be as amused by it as we are by Scarlett. Her quirky sense of humor mixes nostalgic icons with the edge of today to inspire her work. What could be more full of Rochester spirit than a tiny Genny Beer pin? Her Rochester icon t-shirts are also a stand out among others around town. When Scarlett isn’t designing or doing one of her jack-of-all-trades jobs, she’s giving back to Rochester by volunteering in channels she’s passionate about: music and skateboarding. We were able to catch her standing still long enough to ask how her passions have influenced her work.

How did your business get started?
I have always doodled on scrap pieces of paper, and squirreled them all away in hiding holes. A few years ago I decided to do something with them, and started making and printing little zines. From there, stickers and then when I wanted to make pins, I realized I couldn’t afford it. So I decided to make them myself, and being a skateboarder, and having old and broken boards, I cut and painted them into pins.

What is the inspiration behind your designs?
History as a whole has been a major interest of mine since I was a kid. Rochester has such a rich history, so I join that with all of my other interests, which are many. Comic books, movies, toys, cats, furniture, cartoons and old magazines and catalogs.

Why do you like selling at Parkleigh?
The employees at Parkleigh are really invested in learning all about ones product and using that knowledge to empower their customers to find the right product. That commitment and care makes selling here a great place for an artist such as me to get the support needed to continue making art.

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August 19, 2019

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