Kimmie Prinsen picture
August 9, 2019
Kimmie Prinsen at Parkleigh shared
Kimmie Prinsen picture
August 9, 2019
Kimmie Prinsen at Parkleigh shared:

It started with just a few cards. Cordel Cordaro’s whimsical birds on greeting cards literally flew out of our MacKenzie-Childs store. Customers started talking about having his art in their homes and seeing it out in the community. We even heard touching stories about his commissioned work and the heartfelt thought that went into creating special art for Rochestarians. We realized we had a good fit on our hands and starting carrying his prints, ornaments, originals and art plack-its. Cordell has so many creative expressions of his work. We wondered what else in in store for his art and what gets him to create new pieces?

What inspired you to get into business?
After my first Clothesline Arts Festival I realized I could sell my artwork and maybe do well at it. That show was the meeting of my passion with the want and willingness to advance my art and art career. More than ten years later I am still a full-time artist. Everyday new opportunities emerge. The fun part is choosing which to go after.
Your current inspiration and what you see in your future
I am inspired by other artists and art, past and present. Technology, business, fashion & design all inspire me. Inspiration can come from the smallest suggestion or idea. I see my artwork on clothes in the future, to move beyond walls and frames.
Why you like selling at Parkleigh
My mom used to bring me to Parkleigh because she loved it. So I kind of grew up with it. I love the store and the aesthetics. I like the richness you feel when you walk in. That is what I like about Parkleigh. I like selling at Parkleigh for the same reasons and because of the people who work there and the people who shop there. It’s a great fit.

Cordell Cordaro
Photo Credit Martino Flynn