July 22

Meet Renee Jacobson. She’s super excited to be our newest local artist. Fans find her colorful work inspiring and healing. It’s no coincidence that the path to finding her voice as an artist is just as inspiring. When life gave her a curve ball she changed her game and is winning with a new passion for art! You can now find her work at our MacKenzie-Childs location, 235 Parkleigh. Manager, Kimmie, asked if she would share the courageous story of discovering the art inside herself with us.

Tell us about how you started making art?

In 2013, I experienced a brain injury after withdrawing too quickly from a medication that had been prescribed by my doctor. Disabled for nearly three years, I started painting whimsical portraits to distract myself from my excruciating symptoms. As I healed, I posted my work online and connected with individuals who said that they, too, were battling invisible obstacles in their lives. Inspired by their stories, I began painting their likenesses and, in doing so, I found a new purpose. Six years later, I am mostly healed and I use my experience and my artwork to help educate people about the dangers associated with long-term psychotropic drugs.

What are your favorite pieces?

Oooh, that’s a hard one because I tend to love whatever painting I’m working on at the moment. I’m probably most attached to my original angel -- LISTEN TO THE VOICE — because I saw the completed piece fully realized in a dream. When i woke up, I knew how the piece needed to look and which words needed to appear on it, and I painted the entire piece in one sitting. The original is hanging in my house, and I’ll never sell it. I also happen to adore my latest piece DON’T LOOK BACK, BUTTERFLY, which features a wide-eyed girl with a butterfly on her forehead. The message on that one is powerful reminder that is particularly meaningful to me.

How do you feel about having your work at Parkleigh?

For many years, I was cognitively confused and unable to read or write or compute. It was a terrifying time because I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with myself or how i was going to be able to support myself. As a self-taught artist, having my work displayed at Parkleigh is tremendously validating. I’m grateful to the the staff for believing in the power of my story as well as my ability as an artist. Everything in Parkleigh is so carefully curated and displayed so beautifully, I feel honored to have my work sold there among so many impressive brands.

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Shared by Kimmie Prinsen
July 22, 2019

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