June 24
Kimmie Prinsen picture
June 24, 2019
Kimmie Prinsen at Parkleigh shared

Hanalin Designs fashion forward jewelry is made right in the Park Avenue neighborhood. It doesn’t get more local than this! Parkleigh started off with just a few earrings and they caught on like wildfire. In just a few months we had enough interest to bring our neighborhood treasure, Hannah Caruso, maker, to meet her fans in person at a trunk show. The event was a hit and put her in a top vendors slot! An amazing effort, beating out big name brands, in less than a year! Her success is sure to grow and we asked our manager Hali, who is also a big fan, to find out how Hannah is making these gotta have it pieces.

Current inspiration:
The inspiration behind Hanalin is multi-faceted and always evolving. But the core of it always surrounds the hope to inspire the customer to step out of and challenge their styling comfort zone. With that in mind, I am inspired by unexpected colors/shapes and textures, that when combined, ultimately creates a balanced design. At the end of the day, I want every customer of Hanalin to feel like they are rocking a statement look.
Favorite piece of work:
This is a hard one. I won’t complete a piece of work that I wouldn’t wear myself. And honestly, each piece goes through a “try on” test. After I’ve completed what I think is a final piece, I try it on and look at it on myself in the mirror and evaluate how the piece makes me feel. The goal is to feel sexy-cool. But the one piece that really struck a sexy-cool vibe for me is the Grande Carnivale Earrings. Everything about it is bold. From the cool/warm tones, shape and textured brass against the smooth brass; it’s a stylish daring look!
Why I like selling at Parkleigh:
This is an obvious one. Despite being quite a new local artisan, Parkleigh welcomed Hanalin as a new vendor based on the potential they saw in the success of my business. So, I like selling at Parkleigh because of the genuine support and encouragement from the staff. Parkleigh is a renowned staple of Rochester and is visited by so many, and because of that, it is the greatest exposure for Hanalin. Since becoming a vendor at Parkleigh, I (Hanalin) have been able to very closely watch my work be recognized by the community, and because of that, I’m recognizing my full potential as a jewelry designer.