Kimmie Prinsen picture
Kimmie Prinsen at Parkleigh 11:42 AM • June 10, 2019
Kimmie Prinsen picture
Kimmie Prinsen at Parkleigh 11:42 AM • June 10, 2019

CBD Best Oil hasn’t even been at Parkleigh for a whole year and the brand is currently in our top 20 vendors!! This is absolutely unheard of as we sell from hundreds of vendors. Local companies rarely have the ability to compete with our national brand leaders. Tripp Elliott our Personal Care Manager is an expert at selling CBD Best Oil. He was thrilled to share the news with Glenna that her little company is in our 18th brand slot right now. We all wanted to know more about Glenna Colaprete-Hudson the CEO and powerhouse behind this CBD success story. Tripp asked her some questions for us to find out what makes her tick.

What’s currently inspiring you in business or otherwise?

What inspires me right now in the CBD industry is to help people feel better and improve their mobility. I’ve been using and developing CBD Best Oil products for the last 4 years, and I’m so excited to have our CBD more readily available for consumers.
We enjoy being part of a larger movement in the U.S. to incorporate natural & non-toxic hemp into healing, as well as learn more and more about these amazing plants and continue to find innovative and effective ways to help people and pets. Plant-based treatments and cures have been used since prehistoric times, and have lasted for thousands of years because they work. It’s exciting to part of the process of reuniting the healing power of nature with western society, and creating products that allow people to understand and use the power of plant medicine in their life.
Plants contain some very powerful healing properties that re-balance the body and promote overall health, and I’m excited to continue crafting innovative products that deliver the powerful healing properties in plants, to individuals.

Why do you think your products and CBD resonate with people from all walks of life?

So many of the things we do, eat, and inhale on a daily basis are inflammatory to our body. From sitting at a desk all day to eating processed food, or breathing in chemicals in the air around you-everyone has inflammation of some kind.
When you ingest CBD Best Oil tincture or apply the CBD salve to your skin, it works with your central nervous system and immune system to help restore homeostasis. When the inflammation is reduced or mitigated, so is your pain, and the balance it brings it is extremely beneficial to maintaining your overall health. With all of the harmful chemicals and strenuous activities we endure day to day, this powerful potential remedy brings us balance and relief.

Why do you enjoy selling at Parkleigh?

Parkleigh is filled with items and products that spark joy and make us feel beautiful. I see my CBD Best Oil products as something that may enhance your well-being and brighten your life by helping to soothe your body and mind. It’s a wonderful addition to your self care routine, and an amazing gift that allows you to share the power of plant-based treatments with those you love. People come to Parkleigh to find unique and premium items that will enhance their lives, and our premium products are all about looking and feeling your absolute best so you can live your best life! Try our CBD products or give the gift of CBD for you and your pets!